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Boiler installation in Kent.

Our team installs new boilers across Kent, Essex, Gillingham and Maidstone. We install a range of boilers with one to suit every home. Is it time you upgraded your boiler today? Don't hesitate to get in touch. For your free quote, give us a call at 01634 768050 or check out our contact details down below.

Benefits of getting a new boiler


If you get a new boiler, it will be much more efficient than your current model, which can greatly affect your energy bills. Having an efficient boiler allows you to enjoy energy savings, which soon add up over time! Not only is this a benefit for you, but it can also make a difference to the environment, as you are wasting less energy.


Your new boiler will also be much more reliable, giving you peace of mind in knowing it is running safely and smoothly. This peace of mind is even greater if your new boiler comes with a guarantee or warranty, as you will be protected from any breakdowns well into the future!


New boilers use new technology and improved design, allowing them to be smaller and quieter. This can be useful when deciding where to locate your boiler, as they can be wall-mounted and hidden away in cupboards, for example. As well as this, having a quieter boiler can make a big difference if it is located near your bedroom and you can finally get a good night's sleep.

Improved safety

Newer Contemporary boilers are fitted with sophisticated safety mechanisms to guard against possible dangers like gas leaks and emissions of carbon monoxide. Automatic shut-off valves and pressure sensors are examples of built-in safety features that contribute to accident prevention and provide you and your family with peace of mind. 

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Purchasing a new boiler is an investment in long-term dependability and durability because these machines are made to withstand everyday use and continue to operate at their best for a prolonged period. 

Furthermore, a lot of manufacturers provide comprehensive warranty protection for newly installed boilers, giving homeowners additional financial security and peace of mind against unplanned repairs or replacements. You can benefit from continuous assistance from reliable manufacturers and worry-free operation when they select a new boiler with a comprehensive warranty package.

Less maintenance

To keep older boilers operating at their best, they frequently need regular maintenance and repairs, which raises expenses and causes difficulty for you. On the other hand, modern boilers are built with high-tech parts and robust materials that require little upkeep over time. 

New boilers provide long-term peace of mind and lower maintenance needs due to their fewer moving parts and increased dependability, saving homeowners time and money on heating system maintenance.

Increased property value 

In the cutthroat real estate market, installing a new boiler may raise a property's total value and appeal to potential buyers. Modern, energy-efficient heating systems provide reduced operating costs and increased comfort, so purchasers are frequently ready to pay a premium for them. you can optimise your return on investment and raise the value of your house when you sell in the future. by investing in a modern boiler.

Smart technology integration

More flexibility and control over interior climate settings are provided by the sophisticated heating controls and smart technology that come standard with new boilers. With the help of programmable thermostats, you can tailor heating schedules to suit your needs and requirements. 

With features like zone heating and remote access capabilities, you can manage your heating system more effectively and with greater flexibility at any time, from any location.

Need a new boiler in Kent?

Our team install new boilers across Kent, Essex, Gillingham and Maidstone. We have a great team of gas engineers who are always on hand to help, so come to us for all your home heating needs across Kent and the surrounding areas. For your free quote today, give us a call at 01634 768050 or email us at We hope to hear from you soon!

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