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Have you noticed your central heating system hasn't been working as well as it usually does? If this is the case, why not book in for a power flush with our team? It'll soon get your heating system working like brand new again! We offer our power flushing services across Gillingham, Maidstone,  Sittingbourne, Tunbridge and the rest of Kent. To get in touch, simply give us a call at 01634 768050 or fill in our online contact form.

Signs you need a power flush

The biggest sign you need a power flush is if your system isn't working as efficiently as it once did, however, there are other key signs to look out for too:

  • A magnet can attach to your copper pipes (a sign of rust build-up inside)
  • The water in your system is sludgy and dirty
  • Your hot water takes a while to heat up
  • Your boiler switches itself off unexpectedly
  • Cold spots remain on your radiators after bleeding them

If you've noticed any of the above signs, why not get in touch today to book your power flush?

power flushing services

Our Power Flushing Services

A power flush is a comprehensive cleaning procedure for your central heating system. Its goal is to remove sludge, rust, limescale, and other materials that accumulate over time and reduce the system's efficiency and performance. 

At Aquatech Plumbing and Heating Limited, we complete full power flushing of your heating system, leaving no stone unturned. We've outlined the whole process for you below:


  • System isolation: We will disconnect your heating system from the main water supply and electricity.
  • Draining: All existing water in the system will be drained and safely disposed of.
  • Chemical selection: We will select the proper cleaning chemicals based on your system's demands and the sort of buildup present.

Cleaning Process

  • Pumping station connection: A specialised pumping station will be linked to the system, usually via the boiler pump or radiator tails.
  • Initial flush: The pump runs clean water through the system to remove any loose material.
  • Chemical cleaning: The cleaning chemicals are introduced to the circulating water and left to work for a set amount of time, removing sludge, rust, and limescale.
  • Flushing individual radiators: Radiators will be isolated and flushed one at a time to guarantee complete cleaning, frequently with direction reversal for increased effectiveness.
  • Neutralisation: Once the cleaning chemicals have finished their work, we apply a neutralising agent to prevent additional corrosion and ensure safe disposal of the residual water.


  • Refilling and venting: Fresh water is added to the system, and any trapped air is expelled through the air vents.
  • System inhibitor: A corrosion inhibitor is added to the replenished water to prevent further buildup.
  • Performance check: We will inspect the system pressure, flow rate, and boiler operation to confirm that everything works properly.

In some cases, we might also install a magnetic filter to capture any remaining debris and prevent future build-up. We believe prevention is key to avoiding major problems further down the line that could lead to large and costly repairs.

Benefits of Powerflushing

Improved Heating Efficiency

Debris, sludge, and rust buildup in central heating systems over time can obstruct water flow and lower heating efficiency. By removing these impediments, powerflushing facilitates the more unimpeded movement of hot water throughout the system. Your boiler will function more effectively and your radiators will heat up more rapidly and evenly as a result, using less energy and costing less to heat.

Increased System Lifespan

Key parts of a central heating system, including pumps, valves, and heat exchangers, are susceptible to corrosion and damage from the accumulation of waste and sludge. You may contribute to extending the life of your heating system and avoiding future expensive repairs or replacements by powerflushing these impurities out. Maintaining the manufacturer's warranty on your boiler and central heating system can also be aided by routine powerflushing.

Improved Heating Performance

Your central heating system's full heating potential can be restored with powerflushing, resulting in faster and more uniform heating of all the radiators. By doing this, you can get rid of cold areas and lessen the need to change the thermostat frequently to keep your house at a reasonable temperature. You can take advantage of a more pleasant and cosy living space throughout the year with enhanced heating performance.

Quieter Operation

Your central heating system may be making strange noises, such as gurgling, whistling, or pounding, which could indicate sludge, debris, or trapped air. Your boiler and radiators will operate more quietly and effectively if these air pockets and obstructions are removed with the use of powerflushing.

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns

Powerflushing can assist in lowering the likelihood of malfunctions and failures by clearing your central heating system of dirt, sludge, and pollutants. You can feel secure knowing that your heating system is less likely to experience problems like clogged pipes, malfunctioning valves, or pump failures when it is kept clean and well-maintained. This also helps to prevent unforeseen repair bills.

For powerflushing in Sittingbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Gillingham, Maidstone, and the nearby areas, call us today on 075400 53343. 

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We pride ourselves on being one of Kent's go-to experts for powerflushing services and cover bases across Gillingham, Maidstone,  Sittingbourne and Tunbridge. If you're looking for a reliable heating engineer to help solve your heating issues and give your central heating system the refresh that it needs, then look no further than our team!

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Kamco trained and approved

For full peace of mind, please note that we are Kamco-trained and approved. This means that we have received special training directly from the manufacturer of the power flushing equipment we use, so you can be assured that are fully qualified to carry out power flushing services. Kamco is one of the leading brands of power flushing equipment on the market and has a fantastic reputation for the quality of its products. 

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Our team offer powerflushing services across Gillingham, Maidstone,  Sittingbourne, Tunbridge and surrounding areas in Kent. Is it time you power-flushed your central heating system? There is no better time than now to get your home booked in. To arrange a free quote, give us a call at 01634 768050 or email us at aquatech-ltd@outlook.com. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or offer any relevant advice. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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